Films for Tikes to Ten

About This Programme

A collection of short films for 4 to 10 featuring battling mimes, a man who turns into a cow, gunslinging alpacas, and an Oscar winning tale of a moving friendship between a robot dog and a mechanic man.


Forever Mime (The Netherlands) | PG
Two Mimes fight for the romantic affection of the girl who runs the house of horror. They get caught up in their act so much it becomes an epic battle.


The Legend of Billy the Pig (Australia) | G
Carrot lovers beware – the Alpaca Gang is in town. Can a lonesome stranger save them?


Granddaughter (Argentina/USA) | G
An incoming storm helps to transform a young girl’s perspective of the world.


Lune (France) | G
At night in a sleepy town, within a deserted kitchen a microwave turns. A bottle warms up while a hungry baby cries. Who’s gonna feed her?


By Your Side (Japan) | PG
A girl and her stuffed toys live happily until a huge earthquake shakes their town. After a while the toys awake to find themselves in a complete mess but can’t find the girl.


Mr Hublot (France) | PG
A mechanical man finds a friend.


A Life Story (Spain) | G
A space cat must leave his home planet. During his voyage he will face dangers and adventures but in the end he will return home.


How Long is Long? (Australia) | G
This film was conceived and created by the Year 5 students at the River School, Queensland. The film considers how long the everyday objects we use take to breakdown and creatively puts this timeframe in perspective for us, by travelling back into the past!
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23 October 2015 | 1.00pm
24 October 2015 | 3.30pm


51 mins



Recommended Viewing Age

4 - 10 years old


Rating - PG



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